About me

Bill093006aGreetings my name is Ozzy the Healer. As a metaphysical healer I am called upon to do many things, such as healing the mind, body, and soul. This may be something like clearing out blocks responsible for slowing down or even stopping one’s growth. It may entail cleaning and balancing one’s chakras. Or it even may involve opening up one’s meridians of energy that became blocked up from an accident or some other trauma you experienced. I have also been called upon to sort out and heal homes and offices and, yes, even large tracts of land. This would perhaps include finding and removing spirits or entities that have been causing disruptions; not to mention the manifestations of someone’s bad words toward you or your business for whatever reasons. Oh yeah, and then there is the land clearing that sometimes needs to be done after a murder or suicide, or when an ancient burial ground has been disturbed and needs to be made whole again.

I have been asked to look into the future. This is pretty tricky because at any time the current path can change depending on what you do from moment to moment. I try not to do this one too often. I have been asked to look into the past by those who are seeking to find themselves again. Mostly I do this to find the cause of the problems today. I also do pendulum readings and Tao Oracle card readings and will be doing runes once again as well. You will also see that I make custom candles, oils, medicinal herbs, teas, and amulets to help keep you safe and healthy and aware of things around you. Some of these you can find here, or on my other web site, www.bythepowersofthree.com. Mind you, these things are not a substitute for good common sense. For example, if your boy friend or girl friend says to you, “I am going to kill you”, or you go into a neighborhood that is known for really bad things, please don’t think anyone’s amulet will protect you from the kind of harm someone with a gun or a knife can inflict upon you.