~Chronicles of The Ascended Masters~ Mother Mary~

Divine Feminine
               Divine Feminine


 ~Chronicles of The Ascended Masters~

  ~Mother Mary~

  Written and Channeled By
Mya Lunas

 ~Divine Blessings by Mya Lunas~ 

   This column is dedicated to all The Loving Ascended Masters and Divine Beings. They have supported and taught many of us. Guided us and intervened in many situations. Just like Angels and Animal guides they give you “feelings” within to guide you. They may give you signs, show you through sight etc… Whatever pertains to whoever it may be they are guiding. They are amazing, loving, and powerful!!! I dedicate all this and more for them for they have been an integral part of my life since I was born, as well as, in past lives. My Love for them stems deep within me. And as always I want to share that Love, Teaching, and Knowledge with all of you.

                                               ~The Divine Mother- Mother Mary~

    Today I am focusing on a very special Master/Goddess/Saint that has been a great Blessing in my life and to others.  I’m sure many of you know her, Mother Mary.  She also is known by other names such as- Queen of the Angels, Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Holy Mother.

  There isn’t much historical data about her. She is in the four Gospels and other documents but there is not much detail given about her. Different outlets talk of her birth, childhood, and later on to adulthood. Yet; there has not been a complete agreement to the facts of these works. Then you have other information based on channeled sources. I will give you my knowledge of her based on the books and documents I have read and also through my own personal conversations with her.

   Mary lived in Nazareth, which was a small quaint village filled with those of the working class. She was married to Joseph and lived with him and her son Jesus. Historians also mention Joseph’s daughter and four sons, from his first marriage, were also members of the household. What was told to me by Mother Mary was the other children were actually offspring of Joseph and Mary as well. She spent a lot of her days taking care of her family and the household needs. Joseph was a carpenter/builder and he passed on that knowledge and craft to the children. During that time there was quite a bit of political and military issues occurring. Many individuals uprising caused unstable and treacherous environments for many families of that time. Mary’s family was no exception. Plus there was the added struggles of coping with the government’s demands of taxes and the force they used to get it. So for Mary it was an ongoing occurrence dealing with these often dangerous and painful issues.

   Much more can be said of Mary. She was and still is a combination of the soft loving sweetness and also the powerful strength of a Mother. She is a form of The Divine Mother and as you read further she came to me to give a channeled message for all of us pertaining to the Divine Feminine and this new Golden Age upon us.

    She is dedicated to all children. Guiding, helping, and protecting. Also as she told me we are all her children no matter what our age may be. For we are all the children of the creator. Now as we move forward the texts point of view will change. It will be Mother Mary speaking further on not myself any longer. I thank you very much and I am immensely grateful and Blessed to have this great opportunity to be of service to Loving Mother Mary and convey her message to you. ~ Blessed Be

The following is the channeling from Mother Mary.

~MOTHER MARY~ My dear children I come to you today as I have many times to talk to your heart. Many forms and planes I have traveled to speak to you through the ages. I am the Divine Mother another form of the Divine Feminine. Hold me close to you for I will keep you safe in my loving arms. Time has come my Children for you to open your eyes to what is around you. Many of you have placed blinders on and have become lost in the land of this world. Society calls you to be stuck in the material and too many times forget the hearts of those around you. I ask you, does this seem to be working? Does the material world give you the happiness you truly need?

    I tell you in Truth is where you will find the happiness you seek. Only with Love will your path be rewarded. The world is in need for all to come back to their hearts. To Let Go of the Anger, the Violence, the Blame, all the many facades that the ego does play upon you!!! Come back my children!!! Come back to your loving hearts!!! I plead to you to open your eyes and learn from what has occurred.

    Let your children be safe and let your inner child free. Don’t close yourselves off from your child spirit. When you forget about that you lose touch with that beautiful innocence of your soul. Innocence in the form of your purity, your essence. Please do not forget who you are!!! You are the Children of God!!! Divine creations!!! Now is your time to create. To change the world you are in for the better. To bring your essence back and Truth forward for all to see. Exclaim that beauty onto all you see.

    Realize that the everyday dealings of worries, anxiety, anger, jealousy, greed etc… They no longer serve you!!! As time in your world moves forward know this- What matters most is to be in your heart every moment. Let Go of the struggle of pleasing others and societies views. You all are One!!! Embrace that knowledge deep within you. It has always been there.

   The Golden Age is upon you and as such many of you are feeling disconnected and lost. This is the process of your heart opening. As this occurs some may reach a level before others and will bring peace to those going through the process. Stay in touch with your emotions let yourself feel. Go with the flow and show it to others to remind them you are One. You are brothers and sisters and are here to learn from one another. Competitive natures need to be forgotten. You are equal wherever you are on your journey. By recognizing this fact it will ease the process.

   For I tell you if you get lost in that negative train of thought of judgment you will lose touch. Struggle then follows. The more you push away and try to control the harder it will be. Change is upon you now. This change is an immense Blessings for all of you!!! The Golden Age is a time of Love, of Truth!!! A calling from The Divine Mothers bringing your world back to balance!!! A time of emotion and love.

   All of you have the freedom to choose. Choose your heart, your truth!!! Call upon me and I will guide you, help you deal with what’s holding you back, and what’s keeping you in your place of fear. I will help you with your own children and you yourself. I will not turn away anyone!!! You are all Divine!!! Embrace this. Light fills you. Love fills you. I Bless you all in the name of Love. Know you are safe. Know you are Love. Be Free my Loves. Be True My Loves and your path will be that of beauty. I Love you…

~DIVINE FEMININE~ I have come to you in many forms through the ages. Hather, Isis, Quan Yin, Mother Mary etc… Hear me now and embrace this Love I send. Hold it to you and know it is the answer!!! Nurture your children, Yourselves, Your world, each other. Forget the mind of Fear. It is the illusion that holds you back. Hear me for the signs are all around you and will increase. The time has come to open your eyes!!!! Love Love Love!!! Hear it, See it, Feel it within and around you. The answer is within you, REMEMBER!!!

                                              Much Love and Blessings to you all,


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