Awesome you made it !

Whether you came here by choice or by chance, you are here and you are here for a reason. So come on in, make yourself a cup of tea and let the two of us begin the journey back to a healthier and happier you. Here you will find the many ways I use to help you find your way and other tools for you to help yourself as well. Pull up a big old easy chair and settle in, look around and when you’re ready I will be here for you. So give me a shout ‘cause I am always about.
In a nut shell, I sit with you and help you to evaluate that which ails you. Together we will explore who you are, what is blocking you, where the imbalances are, and correct them to the best of my abilities. Together with the help of Source and Gaia, we shall work to realign your mind, body, and soul. Within the pages of this site you will find many other things like Oracle card reading, energy healing to name a few. I do listed under services many other things, but for now let me briefly tell you the two things I am best known for. First and foremost I know of, and how to deal with, bad spirits or entities that can sometimes attach themselves to us, and the cords that sometimes bind us to them or even old loves, nasty friends or family members. Whether from this life time or from a past life, I can remove them. Second, and by far not the least, I can then clean up and re-balance you by cleaning out your chakras, energizing them, and then re-balancing them all of which are needed for a happy healthy life..


• And so much more!

Some of the other things you can read more about as you venture through my site are issues like blocked energy in your meridians, cleaning out your home and work places from bad energy or entities and spirits alike, lost soul retrieval and rejoining, and preparing for crossing over or just crossing over.
Something I truly love to do with folks is working with my Oracle cards and reading the ancient hexagrams of I Ching. These two forms of reading are so awesome, sometimes it even takes me by surprise..

So come on in, drop me a note, or even give me a call. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.
Peace and Blessing to you and thank you for joining me here.