Introduce Mya Lunas, Energy Healer, Psychic/Medium,

Mya Lunas Physic Medium


Well if I’m not the luckiest fella to have such a talented gal on my staff and a working partner to-boot. So I would like to introduce Mya Lunas Energy Healer, Psychic/Medium,and a whole lot more.

“Since I was a child my connection with Source and Gaia is what motivated me in every area of my life. This deep and vast connection, holding absolute Truth, is what I followed in my heart to become who I am now. As I fully committed to my path I embraced, “The Knowing”, letting it guide me on my journey. Within my very core on a mission to heal and guide others like myself so they may be able to follow their own path. Following the flow of the universe and using my gifts as an Energy Healer, Psychic/Medium, Spirit Artist, Animal Communicator, Empath, and Teacher I embrace my calling. To be of service to all those in search of Absolute Truth, Absolute Strength, and Absolute Fearlessness. Honoring Source and Gaia in this ever changing world.”

Mya Lunas

Cool don’t you think. anyway I am looking forward to many articles from Mya . Welcome to Ozzy the Healer . com  my friend I hope you enjoy your stay here for as long as you want to stay.


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