Quartz Crystals – Part 1

As I have said every month starting in January, here at www.ozzythehealer.com I will be doing a write up about the different stones and crystals I personally use, and a side story or even a write up about those stones and crystals I have seen others use as well. This month I will pop in a 2 part write up on Quarts Crystals. I want to state here that this first ones are the original ones I wrote for a publication that as of now has never gone to print. If it does I may skip one month because I offered not to publish my work in any other outlet until they published first.


So let us begin shall we…..

 Quartz Crystals

And the powers they hold

Part one
Ozzy The Healer


It was written long before anyone even realized the importance of things that to gaze into a clear quartz crystal is to gaze into the heart of the universe, and I for one believe this to be true. Quarts crystals and the power they hold has fascinated me my whole life, made up mostly of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide), quartz is found to be a key component in a wide array of minerals designated as “silicates.” With a hardness of 7 and a vibration in the realm of the upper crown chakras, and found in a wide array of colors all over the world, how can we not think of this great stone as the heart of the universe?
In every culture you will find Quartz Crystals being used in almost all forms of traditional life. Ancient Japanese believed quartz was formed from the breath of a white dragon and regarded it as perfection. The Aborigines of Australia used quartz in rain and healing rituals. Crystals carved into skulls were reportedly made by Atlanteans. To this day many believe quartz skulls to be living entities. Just get close to one, you’ll see what I mean. Lemurians, along with the Atlantians were believed to harness the sun’s power through crystals as a source of solar energy refraction. Native American Indians, all the tribes of African, and India, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Scots and many, many other cultures were all known to use Clear Quartz in the diagnostic process of healing, meditations and spiritual development. All these cultures were found to use crystals for religious objects, funeral rites, and personal adornment amulets to dispel evil and magical enchantments as well. Clear quartz crystals have been formed into many forms including pyramids, all the sacred geometry shapes and particularly spheres, known to be used used as crystal balls to predict the future from the middle ages right through today.

The clear quartz crystal simplistic in design, either as a prism or a chunk, has a wondrous nature to it: Able to hold countless eons of information as in the ones known as Record Keepers; or in their ability to hold the nicest or cruelest of intentions, otherwise called programming. They have the ability to hold and magnify those intentions to a level beyond even my imagination. Yes my friends, even the best things given to us for greatness, can be use for bad things. That is where we will begin in my next article. Clear Quartz Crystals And the powers they hold, part 2
Until then Peace and Blessing to you all.


Ozzy The Healer c.2014

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