Greetings and welcome, just a quick note before you begin. Everything I offer is here or on my other site . At all the services here are invoiced through Pay Pal, a safe and128 encryption site. Pay pal is also used on my other site. So know that we do not collect any info about your credit card at all. Please take your time and go through my whole site and when you find what your looking, whether it’s reading the oracle cards for you, Energy healing, or just to talk some things out about your life or that of a loved one. Here you will find me to be a breath of fresh air and ready to help you to the best of my abilities.


Tao Oracle card reading

The Tao Oracle speaks to the individual through a language of archetypes and symbolism that can expose a deeper truth of the dynamics of change as it impacts our daily lives.

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Pendulum work by Ozzy( Photo by ; Ester Segarra )

•Pendulum Readings

One of the most fascinating and fun things for me to do is Pendulum work. I have a very cool friend in my Pendulum, never let me or my client down once about anything.

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• From this point on are some of the more complex modalities I do and what they consist of, i.e. what’s involved, about how long each takes and the cost, of course. Skype or in person sessions are required 95% of the time for all types of healing with me It’s just better this way but not absolutely necessary.

Consultation  graphic(Photo by University of Seattle)

•Life and Spiritual Consultations

Together we will find out what are the real issues and together we will work to correct it, whether it is a healing you need or just a good old fashion spirit removal.

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• Healing Modalities.

chakra_bal•Chakra Cleaning and Chakra Balancing

Did you know there is a chakra at every joint in your body?  Ah I have your attention, good. It is so important that we take care of our bodies and this is one of the very best ways to do that. A good Chakra cleaning and chakra balancing is one of the very best ways for a great and healthy life.                ( Go here for more info )


•Energy Healing Meridians

In ancient times the approach to good health was done on an extremely holistic approach. This approach was elaborated more fully in the text by Ilza Veith, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” that was based on the restoration of balance to the whole body through its many parts.           (Go here for more info )

Healing_Hands_Larger_1•Energy Healing / Etheric Touch

Through my hands I work to feel or sense imbalances of energy in and around your body. Through my hands Energy healing/Etheric touch vibrations are sent to help restore the balance. By doing this, my hands act like a catalyst to help those individuals to heal themselves.                                                      ( Get more info here )


• Special offer!!!

Most of the time as of late I have been doing all three of the above healing together at the same time so therefore I have been offering a package special of the three modalities combined at a rate of $150.00 saving you $75.00 in the process..                                                                                                                         (Get more info here.)

featherfanandsmudge•Home and Office Cleansing

Is your home or office feel or sound like it has a few uninvited  guests, then consider a cleansing for your peace of mind ..                                                ( Get more info here )


prepair_death(Preparing for death . Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc)

•Preparations for Death and Crossing Over Loved Ones

One of the hardest things I ever had to see as a young man and even today as an adult was the “death watch”. Even more difficult was the build up to it. To watch everyone fight so hard against the inevitable and forgot to prepare for the aftermath.

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• Side note:

Let me interject something about ethics here. Everything said to me is confidential with the following exception:

1. If you’re talking about a crime, don’t …under most cases I am obligated to discuss it with the proper authorities.
2. I do confer with other professionals like me who I have known for some time and trust. Therefore unless you tell me otherwise, I will at my discretion discuss the case with a colleague to get fresh ideas on how to solve your issue if I am having trouble doing it. Also know that your name and address will never be told to anyone except the proper authorities and mostly because they handed me a warrant for said information. This is a common practice with everyone in this field to my knowledge.
3. During some of the modalities I do hands on, this is critical in order for me to do what I do the right way. So before each healing I will show you each place I will be touching and where I will not be. Also during the healing you will hear me say when and where I will be working next before I do anything. If you are uncomfortable with this but still wish for me to work on you, I encourage you to bring along a close and trusted friend to watch and partake in the healing. Moral support from those we love and care about works wonders.
I can do most of these things as a long distance healing and I can do them without seeing you or the home involved, that said I do very much prefer to see you in person or over Skype. By seeing you it just make it that much more easier to do what needs to be done. Also during our consultation we may find things need to be grouped or more than one or two sessions will be needed. So in regards to the costs, we will discuss them and set a cost to it and put it in writing for that work to be done. (I send out invoices from Pay Pal for this very reason.)

Peace and blessing to you and yours.