Chakra Cleaning and Chakra Balancing

Did you know there is a chakra at every joint in your body? —Chuckles— Me neither. Like you, I thought there were only 7. Then I found out there were 13, and still I hear every joint on your body is a chakra. Ah, I have your attention and panic at the same time. Well, relax. I am still looking into that one myself. In the meantime you should be aware that even though most practitioners deal only with the basic 7, I do go a bit further and deal with 13, as I mentioned before.

During the course of our lives, we have strange things happen that cause our chakras to be blocked up or, in some cases, damaged. You could have been in an accident or an ongoing fight with a loved one ending in a break-up, bad diet, in fact any kind of trauma or do I dare say drama will do very nicely in helping to block up or damage your chakras. Yes, you can even bring something with you from your past life that can do the same kind of damage. This is why is is so important that from time to time go and have a good chakra cleaning and chakra balancing for a long and happy life.

Any of these can cause some of the following issues: Depression, eating disorders, addictions of all sorts, lack of sexual desire or even sexual satisfaction. It will also cause you to be stressed, have lack of ambition, feeling negative or pessimism instead of optimistic, overly defensive, just burned out, or feeling like you just don’t understand things anymore and you just can’t be at peace as you once did. Yeah, well, you not alone in any of this, thousands feel this way every day.

Together we will explore what it is you think is wrong and I will help you sort it out, clean out the mess that causes the block or blocks and realign and balance your chakras. Most sessions last about 30 minutes to an hour. Once in a while they take a bit longer. At least on the first meeting anyway, I believe in a good talk so as to align myself with you, and to see how you’re doing. I find this to be very helpful for both parties. How many sessions will depend on what needs to be done and how your body reacts to the cleaning and balancing. Sometimes it’s once, sometimes twice, especially if I am repairing a damaged chakra. Also, if you are like some of my clients that work in a nearly impossible environment, a bi-weekly or monthly tune-up special is available upon request.
Cost is $100.00 per session. About 30-60 min         (Buy here)