Death and Crossing Over Loved Ones


One of the hardest things I ever had to see as a young man and even today as an adult was the “death watch”. Even more difficult was the build up to it. To watch everyone fight so hard against the inevitable and forgot to prepare for the aftermath. That is why is it so important to Preparations for Death and Crossing Over Loved Ones.

Death, the final moment when we take our last breath and pass over to the other side, to pass through the veil, to enter into the heavens we are promised as children and adults throughout our lives that we will go to if we behave ourselves.

Ah heaven, that place where we are all supposed to end up when we die. And yet, over ¾ of the population fears death. Why? We’re going to heaven right, or are we? Ah the real secret comes out now. You just don’t know for sure do you. Ok so you or your loved one has their doubts, so now what? Now what indeed! Well that’s where I come in. You see I died, twice in fact. I didn’t see a light; I didn’t see angels with wings. What I saw was my guardian angel, dressed in a suit, with glasses, an umbrella and a derby hat all in blue. Yup my guardian angel, you read that right. Turns out he was my great grandfather Henry. This gives me an inside view of things and over the years I have learned many things about birth and death and what happens before and after each of them. So let’s look at a few of these things, shall we?

The body is made up two parts, there is the “you” or subtle and then there is the earth body that was created for you to live in while you stay here on earth. You enter the body about 30 seconds or so before you’re born. Then milliseconds later, you and “yourself” are joined as one. As death begins to arrive, meaning when the earth body “yourself” begins to fail from old age, so does the separation also begin. Not so easy for “yourself”, in some ways as it can have a mind of its own. So from time to time it fights like hell to stay alive. This, of course, is impossible without you inside giving it instructions on how to function. You are the life force that gives the earth body the last component to live on its own outside the womb. So, when this does happen the body starts that panting and pausing and panting and pausing, and so on, all the while knowing it is time to go but just can’t let go. This is called the death watch, I have seen this last for days, even one last for 8 days.

Sometimes I am lucky to be with the soon to be departed and we have a long talk about their life – their triumphs, their regrets, as much as they wish, so there is nothing pressing on their mind before it’s time. Then, I tell them about the other side and what I know of it. I ask about their fears and help to resolve them. It is about now that I discover who already passed, and who they would like to see, mostly family, like a spouse or a child. Sometimes an old love or lover, so I call for them, and make every effort they are there when your loved one takes their last breath. And poof, when they let go, they separate and when they inhale again there they are, outside the earth body, with all their loved ones and a big party kicks in. From there it’s only minutes, before they all leave, saying their thanks and goodbyes, and poof it’s done.

Ah, but then there is the rest of the family. Some will believe in what I am doing and some not so much. It is rare, but sometimes I do get to start them in their grieving process. So by the time your loved one passes, the tears are few and the minds are clear and there is no wondering what will happen to them, if they’re alright, or if they suffered. There is very little of this because they watched them pass in peace. I have had some tell me that they felt them brush past on their way out, and they knew it was all ok for them when it happened. Ah the moment of death is as it was at the moment of life. Just a slight pang, a twitch, one big pinch and poof it’s done. No pain, no sorrow, no regrets, just a feeling of peaceful bliss.

Then there are the ones I don’t get to in time. They fight their death, or they don’t understand why they’re dead (often from an accident), or their family member won’t let go. Then we have an earth bound soul. Not such an easy person to deal with as a rule, they stayed behind because they feel there is much unfinished business to do, or something stopped them from crossing over. (Yes, some spirits collect other spirits for various reasons.) There can be more reasons for them not to cross over than for them to cross over. So my job is to talk with the family, and then with the deceased, try to figure out what happened and make it right so they can cross over. Once this happens they can come back from time to time and I will show you how to call them and how you will know they’re there. Heck I see my mom more now than when she was alive.

So there you have it, a brief outline of what to do, and what I do. I can help you. All you need do is ask. My rates for this are discussed during the first consultation.
Cost varies depending on how many people are involved and if I am needed to travel to see family members as well.

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