Energy Healing / Etheric Touch


Through my hands I work to feel or sense imbalances of energy in and around your body. Through my hands Energy healing/Etheric touch vibrations are sent to help restore the balance. By doing this, my hands act like a catalyst to help those individuals to heal themselves. This form of vibrational healing is great for aches and pains or even just general relaxation.

What does this mean? Well in a nut shell I am sending energy in the form of vibrations or waves which feel warm to the individual I am working with. As I am doing this, it is stimulating the subtle to re-balance and heal which then starts the re-balancing and healing of the body from the inside out. Always keep in mind that the healing comes from within, Source and Gaia. I am the catalyst that assists your body to help itself. I merely boost the systems, help to open up the natural pathway of energy so you can take over and finish your own healing as it is meet to be.

Ok, so how do we go about doing this? Glad you asked, there are two steps to this: first is to do energy scan of your whole person and determine where the fluctuations of energy are and therefore possible problem areas; second is to use vibrational energy to heal or re-balance those problem areas. You must not be upset if you’re not all better after the first session. The body is a complex creature and it does at times take a few more sessions to coax the body into full healing mode, so in the end you have regained control over your body and brought it back to full health. Remember healing comes from within and your recovery is governed by you and a nice steady pace.

Cost is $100.00 per session. About 30-60 min        (Buy Here)