Energy Healing Meridians


In ancient times the approach to good health was done on an extremely holistic approach. This approach was elaborated more fully in the text by Ilza Veith, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” that was based on the restoration of balance to the whole body through its many parts. It basically recognized that everything influences the body, from the relationship of your organs to the body to the environment that we live in, and that neither should be over looked when trying to find out what is blocking your whole being from working properly.

The Chinese believed that there two sources of energy, one called iei, being the energy created by the very foods we eat the other is chi, the Universal life force energy that flows through these very meridians I speak of, all 14 of them. These very lines of energy follow through well-established channels to the various organs and parts of your body and the points of energy i.e. your chakras. These same meridians are closely associated to the nerve pathways of the autonomic nervous system. In English that means, these 14 lines of Meridian are interlock with all your chakras and are all connected to all areas of your body and organs. So when one or more gets blocked up it throws off your balance, slows down your growth and can even cause you ill health.

So some of the things that can cause an imbalance in you Meridians are: an extreme illness, stress, over exhaustion from too much work and no rest time. Also a chemical dependence will cause the body to be confused and create problems with the communications system of the body causing it to be thrown out of balance. Results can be digestive problems, skin and sinuses issues, joint pain, irregular menstrual problems, impotence problems, as well. Also there can be problems such as jaundice, cardiac disorder, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, kidney dysfunction, and much, much more. So if your feeling like this call me and lets see if we can do some energy healing meridian work on you so you can once again be happy and healthy.

Cost is $75.00 per session. About 30-60 min        (Buy Here)