Home and Office Cleansing


Consider a home and office cleansing for the  removal of negative or evil entities or spirits, and other nasty things.

First let me say that this part of my job is not only very rewarding for myself and the occasional team members brought in, it’s just plain old exciting, kind of like a cross between the old wooden rocket roller coaster and a haunted house ride at Coney Island. Make no mistake though this can and has been dangerous from time to time, and is nothing to fool around with . We just like what we do, to go in from multiple points and remove everything causing trouble, cleaning up the mess they left behind as well as the occupants of the house if necessary. Just getting to see the faces of the children when they know all is safe again and to see the relief on the faces of the parents as well. Not much can beat that feeling.

So, where to start, do you have objects flying around the house? Is your furniture moving all by itself, and there’s nobody there that you can see doing the moving? (My favorite) More creeks and groans and noises than before, how about the kids are telling you there is something in their room and it’s not their “imaginary friend” either. Are you or the kids showing signs of unexplained bruises on your or their bodies? Do things seem to be missing? I don’t mean just a sock or two or even your keys, although they do like to take the keys for some reason.

There are countless reasons why this happens, but here are just a few and the results that can happen after. The first and biggest thing is an Ouija board. Really you say? You bet-cha, the Ouija board is famous for opening portals to the other side without your knowing it and many folks don’t remember to close them either. Ah, did I just hear you say “SO”. —chuckles— Well let me put it to you this way, suppose you live in the woods, and you left the door open and went about your business or you even went to bed. Do you really think the critters from the woods won’t come around and poke their heads in and take a look around, maybe eat your food, or even take up residence there? Well it’s kind of like that. There is this door open to the other side and every ghost, creepy crawly thing or even an entity comes on by and pokes its head in to see what’s going on, almost always deciding to stay awhile.

Then there is the hitch hiker from, well, anywhere. If you go into, or sometimes even just by, a grave yard you can pick one up and bring it home. Then there are the ones we manifest ourselves by our anger or sorrow. Oh and how about the ones that used to live there (yes right there in the house you are currently living in). Would you believe sometimes these spirits don’t know they’re dead, or they do and won’t leave anyway. And then there’s my favorite, the ones manifested by bad words of intention like “Man I don’t like so and so”, “I sure do wish they would move away”, or “Great, they’re going to take business away from us, I really wish they would just go away” or worst, “ I hope they lose their shirts and have to close down and move away”. Anyone of those thoughts has done the deed when anguished about long and hard enough.

These are just a few things that have been known to cause problems, both in your home or at your place of business. I have done many home and business cleanings as well as portal/gateway closings over the years, I am quite sure I can handle yours as well. So how do we deal with this issue of haunting and such? Well, after the first consult I meet with a team of professionals if necessary, we give your place a good going over, and plan out how to resolve your problem. Then either I or the whole team will come there either in person or by long distance and clean house, and set things right. We have a 95% success rate on the first try. In the end all was well and the homeowner or business owner was 100% happy.

In regards to rates it is on a job by job basis and will be discussed with you once the team and I have decided how to resolve your problems. I can say that the rates start at $250.00 for a simple cleaning and go up from there and based on how many of us are working on the problem at the same time. For an in person visit and cleaning there are travel expenses as well after the first 100 miles round trip. This will include, but is not limited to, gas, tolls, parking and hotel accommodations, etc. We can discuss all this during the consult.

On average the cost is $250.00 and up. It can take from an hour to a few days to resolve the issues at hand.

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Please consider contacting me, if you have any questions, the $250.00 is a foundation and their maybe expenses for travel or additional fees for tougher jobs rare as that has been it does happen.

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