Life Spiritual Consultations

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Welcome to Life Spiritual Consultations.

First let me thank you for taking the time to browse through my web site and seeing I am the one to have a Life Spiritual Consultation about your life and whats going on in it. That said, let me begin by saying everything I do should start with a consult. “Why?” you may ask. Well, because how am I to even begin to help you if I haven’t heard from you what you believe the problem may be. Together we will find out what are the real issues and together we will work to correct it, whether it is a healing you need or just a good old fashion spirit removal.

90% of all consults are done by Skype. Skype is free and very easy to set up and use; all you need is a cam and a microphone. ( The reason for this is so I can see who you are, and look into your mind, your body, and your “subtle” to determine what the issue is that you have come to me for. While I am doing this I am also reading your body language and your facial expression. I am even scanning you for little subtle hints into your past lives as well as to things that happened to you in this life. (So if you have a secret you really don’t want me to know about, I may not be the one to come to. Check out note at the bottom of the page about this issue and ethics.)

I am empathic, as well as a few other things, like auto clairvoyant and highly intuitive. I do feel, see and hear all kinds of things about you and others I come into contact with from spirits so when they wish to speak to me about you or someone else you may know, they do. As a rule, most consults take from 1 to 2 hours. It really is up to you. (Yes I have gone longer but it is rare). As it is for you, my time is very precious to me and all the others that come to me for help as well. I have found that the small fee I charge for this consult is very reasonable and by the time we are done, many times we have worked out issues and/or have a plan to bring you back to a balanced state of body and mind.

I have a flat rate of $75.00 for up to 2 hours.                          (Buy here)