Tao Oracle card readings

(Art work by; Ma Deva Padma)

(Art work by; Ma Deva Padma)

Tao Oracle card reading is a “visual I-Ching”  ( The Book of Changes ). It doesn’t use coins or sticks. Instead it uses cards featuring paintings, symbols, colors and key words, all of which are used at different times to help me interpret the results. The Tao Oracle speaks to the individual through a language of archetypes and symbolism that can expose a deeper truth of the dynamics of change as it impacts our daily lives.
A basic reading of just 3 cards can give as much information as a 7 or even a 10 card spread of tarot, and  last from 15 minutes to as long as 30 minutes depending on how deep I feel we must go, even longer with 2 of the other spreads. To date each person who has had a reading from me has said the “Tao was spot on”.
I am available for a private session or group party. I travel to most places around New England when needed for well planned parties and make house calls in a 50 mile radius of Fall River. This covers up to Boston to out on the Cape and into Rhode Island. I have traveled even further under the right conditions.

For those of you who are into the real old way and understand Tao I also do I-Ching with the coins. It can take some time to do, so be prepared for a long reading as it can take up to an hour or more to complete.

All of the readings I do can involve both the words of Tao and my own thoughts and insights into what I am seeing in the cards. Also a Q&A with my guides almost always happens as well..

The Pearl of Wisdom Card reading is $25.00

The Yin and Yang 3 cards of Balance reading is $35.00

The 5 Elements card reading is $45.00

The 7 card Alchemy of relations is $65.00
( Contact me Here to arrange time and payment )