Here my friends are some basic things you will find use for, Pendulums, Incense, Crystals, Smudge sticks and some much more.



Pendulums and Runes                                   (Explore and Buy)

Here you will find a rather nice selection of  Pendulums and my favorite, Rune Sets.

Incense and Incense Burners.                        (Explore and Buy)

Here you will find a huge selection of incense from all over the world and a great selection of holders and burners.

Stones and Crystals                                        (Explore and Buy)

Here is a great selection of stone and crystals from all over the world. This changes as I can find better sources  so come back and check it out often.

Tarot Decks                                                     (Explore and Buy)

Here you will find a fair selection of Tarot deck and sets as well..

Smudge Stick                                                   (Explore and Buy)

Ah now here is my favorite spot, Smudging sticks and loose sage is hiding in here as well. This selection comes from here in the USA and other great places known for there fine sages.

CD /DVD                                                          (Explore and Buy)

I have been adding to this great selection of CD’s and DVD’s as I can find them, not as easy as you would think. Check back often or if you are looking for something special  drop me a note.

Books and  Calenders                                      (Explore and Buy)

We all know how important is is to get the right information so I have been a little picky here, and am trying to bring in books that tell most of, if not the whole story you need to know to get it right.

And so much more                                           (Explore and Buy)

And lastly here is a link to the main page with over 6000 items available to the pagan community.