The stone of protection, Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The stone of protection

Black Tourmaline
The stone of protection
By Ozzy the Healer

   I am not going to go into the long and lengthy history of this stone except so far as to say its earliest known uses were over 24 centuries ago. I don’t need to go into all the myths or even the lore. However, instead let’s just deal with Metaphysical aspects and my personal experiences.
Known for its astrological sign of Capricorn, its element is Earth, this stone is outstanding for grounding and is the go to stone for protection and purification rituals. This perfect black as night stone is also known for deflecting, repelling and absorbing all forms of negative energy. It will increase physical vitality, bring clarity to a confused mind and help you to gain back a sense of purpose. Black Tourmaline has even been reported to give physical aid in treatment to ailments such as dyslexia and arthritis and to relieve stress. Because this stone can protect you either physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even energetically, I have been known to even think of this stone as a Guardian. This beauty has also been reported to help strengthen immune systems as well as balance the adrenal gland. Yes my friends this is an awesome stone indeed.
Now that all said, I have found that when placing an extra amount of energy into the stone it brings to life its pyroelectric abilities making it even more powerful and useful to absorb, reflect or dissipate not only negative energy but also very bad entities, physic attacks from both human and spirit. I have found this stone with added intentions amplifies it abilities to even work against conjures and spells directed at someone or one’s own self.
During a healing session, I will use Black Tourmaline in assisting me to help remove blocks located within the line of Meridians thereby once again allowing the energy to flow freely throughout the body. I have found it useful in creating a field around myself and the client that keeps us grounded and anchored while I am removing any unwanted entities from their person. This same field is quite useful during soul retrieval as well.
If you’re a big fan of meditation, as most are these days, Black Tourmaline in conjunction with just a clear crystal on top of it, and a few well thought out intentions added to them, will clear a room faster than anything I have found to date. I hope this has helped you, I know it has for me.


Credits and note:
Information sources include but not limited to the following;
Judy Hall, Melody, Ann l. Palles, Medical Astrology Blog, Gemology Canada,, and my own personal working knowledge.
C. Ozzy The Healer 2014

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