Things that go bump in the night.

Bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night.
By Ozzy the Healer

I know in everyone’s life we have sometimes encountered some really creepy stuff: Floor boards that creak, doors that open or close by themselves, furniture that moves around. Yup, real goose bump, hair raising, stuff wouldn’t you agree? So just what, or who, is it that is responsible for all this craziness? Some “professional ghost hunters” would wave it off as movement in the house, the wind or even a fan moving enough air to open or close doors. Heck, even an earth quake will move just the furniture if it’s gentle enough. Yup, it’s all true, all of it. But then there is the other side, the darker side of things that no one wants to talk about.
These are the spirits who didn’t cross over, because they don’t even know they’re dead or those who didn’t leave because they have unfinished business. Then there are the ones we call entities, both conjured up, and ones that were always just here. As an example there’s the famous Djinn, the Incubus, and Succubus (the female version) to name just a few. In fact I have a book with around 650 pages describing from A to Z a whole host of creatures that will cause you to go “Damn, I’ll take that drink now if you please.”
Ok, so by now you’re starting to think about things and maybe getting a bit nervous, maybe even a little worried. Well, don’t. Most of these spirits are pretty harmless and will leave with a bit of a talking to, or a bit of sage. The rest, well, that’s a bit different and does require a little knowledge or even a professional in the metaphysical world to get them to go away.
The ways to remove a spirit, an entity, or worse, vary with the number of practitioners out there are doing this. For example, some work with Angels. Down in South America and the Caribbean some use herbs and spices. Others will use their energies to gather the spirits and cross them over into the light. I know of a few that just smudge with an incantation, as well as even use brute force. One of the things I use in conjunction with the above, after the clearing of a house, is Black Tourmaline and Crystals. (See article about that in this months post at
Many of us who do this kind of work will agree on a few basic rules and procedures. First there really are no rules. The spirits or entities know exactly what they are doing, or were sent to do. Second you need to prepare the mind, body, soul and house for the clearing. Next comes the cleaning of the problem spirit or entity. Finally, you surround the house with walls of protection to prevent future invasions.
That’s it, pretty simple don’t you think.
C. Ozzy The healer 2014

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