Well I’m back, what a trip!

Well I’m back, what a trip indeed it was. I had some mixed feelings about going down to our nations capital for obvious reason the least of which mingling among all that chaos and brain dead folks who just cant seem to get it right any more. So I stayed away from there and played trucker for one of my oldest friends and the last of my clients when I was trucking antique dealers around to all the great shows.

This turned out to be an awesome time for me and my old friend, he didn’t want to say goodbye but something told me this might be my last time seeing him for one of these trips. As I look back at all the years I have done this I had such wonderful memories to take with me through the rest of this life and on to the next. LOL, I can’t help but wonder when I will see him next, no not in this life I already know when that will be. No I was thinking about the next life time.

Anyway, DC is still there and no one blew it up or went on a shooting rampage like they did in Paris. Dam I really do hope that when we that are left start to rebuild this place we call home they leave organized religion in the trash can where it belongs.. Nothing but trouble for tens of thousands of years it has been. Blood, guts and gore, fear, stagnated growth, poverty, hunger, and a sense of not knowing is all that has transpired.. Hum, Sorry off my sap box now.

So whats been going on with all of you this last 10 days?  I am offering a bribe, the first 5 stories posted here by those of you that registered with this site gets a free phone reading from me. Here are the rules. Be funny or sad, be insightful or off the wall, just when your done I will love to sit there and after reading what you wrote go Hum, and need to think about it .. Yes even funny stuff can be like that too.  Try real had not to swear, or be to rude or belligerent towards who or what ever your writing about. That’s it, simple.

Oh and before I forget please anyone who had trouble getting a password email me here at http://www.ozzythehealer.com/contact-me/ and I will set it up manually to get you up and running


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